Aluminium and Light Alloys.

Heat treatment of aluminium and copper alloys

Heat treatments affect the mechanical properties of aluminium alloys, their corrosion resistance and dimensional stability in operation. Several alloys from melt casting and hot or cold forging can be heat treated.

The following treatments are carried out at our plants:

  • Solubilisation and artificial aging (T6)
  • Solubilisation and natural aging (T4)
  • Solubilisation and partial aging (T64)
  • Artificial aging (T5)
  • Stabilization/stress relieving
  • Degassing and desanding

… and any treatment cycle the customer might require.

Annealing, re-crystallizing annealing, tempering and stress relieving on moulded or forged copper alloy components can also be performed using inert atmospheres.

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